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Updated : 2009-10-09
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Category: Games
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Type: Freeware
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"Get your stick and prepare to play hockey against thousands of players in this on-line game."

Share your passion for hockey with thousands of othes thanks to Slapshot. In difference to other games in this genre, Slapshot is a fabulous hockey game that follows the rules of RPG, in that it lets you develop the skills of your player, converting them into the best.

With Slapshot you can play against others from around the world, but first you have to create your character from scratch. Once you´ve done that, you have to train them as often as you think right. Choose the position for them to play, centre, forward or defence, and join your team to contest the best battles and compete in the hardest hockey league in the world.

Both the gaming mode and the controls in Slapshot are very intuitive, so in a few minutes you´ll be able to move about the field with no problems. The only thing to worry about is keeping your eye on the puck and deciding whether to pass or shoot. Get your stick and prepare to get the puck into the other goal, because the fight has started.



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